a. headsb. headc. hairsd. hair
a. beardsb. barberc. moustachesd. faceheair
a. wearingb. carryingc. havingd. holding
a. wearingb. holdingc. havingd. getting
a. chairb. deskc. officed. room
a. workb. at workc. businessd. on job
a. Goodnightb. Good-byec. Good eveningd. Good afternoon
a. Thank youb. Pleasec. No, thank youd. No, please
a. likes notb. don’t likec. doesn’t liked. not like
a. Does he get upb. Gets he upc. Do he get upd. Get he up
a. am learningb. learningc. is learningd. are learning
a. more quicklyb. quicklyc. quicker thand. more quick
a. not canb. cannotc. doesn’t cand. don’t can
a. Always Roberts catchesb. Roberts always catchesc. Roberts catches alwaysd. Roberts does always catches
a. He goes there by trainb. He there goes by trainc. He goes by train thered. There goes he by train
a. Did he watchb. Watched hec. Did he watchedd. Does he watch
a. canned notb. didn’t canc. didn’t couldd. could not
a. many moneyb. much moneyc. a lot of moneyd. lots money
a. to not go awayb. to go not awayc. not to go awayd. go not away
a. onb. inc. tod. at
a. spokedb. speakedc. spoked. spoken
a. am doing a test!b. do a test!c. doing a test!d. does a test!
a. rainb. would rainc. rainsd. raining
a. was drivingb. drivesc. droved. had driven
a. is smokeb. are smokingc. are smokedd. are smok
a. grandb. widec. larged. great

a. of meetingb. to meetc. to meetingd. meeting
a. 3 years agob. for 3 yearsc. before 3 yearsd. since 3 years
a. tob. onc. ford. at
a. He had never beenb. He had been neverc. He never wentd. He went never
a. were heldedb. was holdedc. were heldd. were hold
a. all ofb. allc. the alld. all of the
a. meetingb. gatheringc. sessiond. sitting
a. heard tob. heardc. listened tod. overheard
a. had attendedb. would have attendedc. has attendedd. would attend
a. openb. to openc. openingd. to opening
a. will have workedb. will workc. is going to workd. will be working
a. Did Robinson telephoneb. Was Robinson telephoningc. telephoned Robinsond. Has Robinson telephoned
a. whereasb. despitec. in spite ofd. although
a. talkedb. toldc. spoked. said
a. mindfulb. anxiousc. attentived. cautious
a. forwardb. overc. acrossd. through
a. dob. am doingc. have doned. have been doing
a. will arriveb. is arrivingc. arrivesd. would arrive
a. if I comeb. that i comec. if I could comed. that I can come
a. he wouldn’t knowb. he didn’t knowc. he will not have knownd. he won’t know
CONVERSATION (questions 47 – 64):

Mr and Mrs Wallace want to buy a house, so they go to the office of an estate agent.

Agent: Good morning. Mr and Mrs Wallace?
Mrs Wallace: Mr Hogan?
Agent: How do you do.

a. Thisb. Itc. Hed. That

a. Youb. Pleasec. Nowd. Let

(They all sit down at a desk.)

a. intendingb. interestingc. intendedd. interested
a. trueb. possiblec. notd. right

a. makeb. havec. ared. seem

We’ve been living abroad for the last ten years -

a. thanb. thatc. asd. to

a. becauseb. andc. butd. so
a. kindb. piecec. shaped. area

a. Ib. I’dc. wed. we’d

a. theb. ac. somed. -
a. ableb. possiblec. cand. allow

I want to go back to work – that is, to get back into teaching.

a. wouldb. mightc. shouldd. could

a. andb. butc. sod. then
a. isb. arec. willd. would
a. wouldb. doc. willd. shall

a. forb. withc. andd. by
a. servicesb. servantsc. assistanced. assistants
a. wallb. floorsc. roofsd. ceilings
AT A HOTEL (question 65 – 80)

Mr Graham has just checked into a hotel, but he is not happy with his room. He goes down to the reception desk.

a. sorryb. afraidc. anxiousd. regret

a. don’t youb. isn’t itc. doesn’t itd. can you

a. Thusb. Wellc. In spited. Thank you

a. reserveb. getc. haved. retain

a. shoutb. denouncec. angerd. argue

a. correspondenceb. mailingc. communicated. lettering

a. reservedb. checkedc. bookedd. registered

There we are, it is Mr Graham, isn’t it?

Mr Graham: It is, yes.

The clerk shows Mr Graham a letter.

a. aloneb. singlec. bathlessd. only

a. appreciateb. deprecatec. respectd. expect
a. notb. somethingc. anythingd. nothing

a. distanceb. airlinec. periodd. timing

a. extremelyb. perfectlyc. absolutelyd. especially

But let’s see. You’re here for five days, aren’t you?

Mr Graham: Oh dear!

a. wordb. sentencec. phrased. dialogue

a. valueb. appreciatec. thankd. reward
a. despairedb. worriedc. desperated. overwhelmed

a. Letb. Leavec. Gived. Stop

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